The Nuclear Solutions Institute aims to promote education across Texas A&M University.  A number of faculty have been named as faculty fellows.

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Greg Christian Greg Christian (Physics)
Nuclear structure and astrophysics, transfer reactions, and neutron detection
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Jeremy Holt Jeremy Holt (Physics)
Theoretical nuclear physics and astrophysics
[obfuscate]Holt AT physics DOT tamu DOT edu[/obfuscate]
Grisha Rogachev Grisha Rogachev (Physics)
Nuclear structure, nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics
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Several students are supported through the NSI:

Summer Camps

During the summer of 2021, three Nuclear Science Summer Camps were partially supported by the Nuclear Solutions Institute. These camps hosted between 10 and 20 middle school students to learn about nuclear science for four days, including a field trip to the Cyclotron Institute at Texas A&M University.