Isotope Production Workshop

March 9, 2017

The Texas A&M University Nuclear Solutions Institute, in conjunction with the Cyclotron Institute and the Nuclear Science Center, will host a workshop on March 9, 2017 in College Station, Texas, USA regarding isotope production. This workshop will highlight the capabilities of the Cyclotron Institute and Research Reactor and explore both current and new opportunities for these facilities to contribute across a variety of research and industry topics.

A Public Lecture by Yuri Oganessian

Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Annenberg Presidential Conference Center
Texas A&M University

Russian scientist Yuri Oganessian, a Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study (TIAS) Faculty Fellow and a Cyclotron Institute collaborator, helped to discover many superheavy elements. The heaviest one yet — element 118 — will be named oganesson in his honor. Join Texas A&M in celebrating Yuri — the 15th scientist and only the second living one so honored — as part of this special occasion and once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity!

International Symposium on Superheavy Nuclei
Hawking Auditorium, Mitchell Institute
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA
March 31-April 02, 2015

Complete details can be found at the link above.  The symposium program is also available.