Graduate Student Merit Fellowship

We would like to issue the 2021 call for proposals for “Graduate-Student Merit Fellowships” (GSMFs) within the umbrella of the Nuclear Solutions Institute (NSI). Funding is envisaged to be available as early as January 1, 2022, at a level of one to two full graduate students with a stipend of $25k for one year plus a travel allowance of $1k to present the pertinent research at a professional meeting. The funds may also be split to support more than 1 fellowship at an accordingly reduced level over the course of a year. Pertinent cost sharing by the prospective adviser is welcome. Selected student(s) must provide a graphical abstract to be posted on the NSI website within one month of the start of the fellowship.

As part of the interdisciplinary nature of the fellowship, the student is required to complete a course on an NSI-related topic which is offered within a NSI unit, but outside the department of the student’s primary research field. It should be indicated in the proposal which course options are envisaged.

Proposals should include the following components:

  1. A research plan crafted by the student of up to 2 pages (11 point font or equivalent with 1.5 line spacing), describing the context and plans for the project, including a timeline. The plan should also address how it relates to the mission of the NSI, including its interdisciplinary purpose.
  2. A 2-page professional CV of the student.
  3. A letter of interest from the prospective project adviser including an evaluation of the student’s qualifications to carry out the proposed project, plus a short CV (of typically 2 pages).

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is November 15, 2021. All application materials should be uploaded using the following Google form. You will need to log in using your [obfuscate][/obfuscate] email address.

Apply for a GSMF

For further information on the NSI, including a list of all collaborating institutions, visit The GSMF program committee members are Profs. Sunil Chirayath, Ralf Rapp, and Andrew Ross. Please contact Prof. Rapp at [obfuscate]Rapp AT comp DOT tamu DOT edu[/obfuscate] if you have any questions.